SoleMate is a fitness based social media app built on a React Native UI that leverages geolocation technology to match users with runners in their area. Users are able to interact with people they’ve matched with, generate custom routes, and track running info in real-time.

Tech stack: React Native, Redux,, Express.js, Sequelize, PostgresQL, Google Maps API


HomeReveal is a Google Chrome extension designed to make the apartment/rental search more transparent by linking each listing on to relevant New York City 311 complaints. Users are also able to search for specific apartments on StreetEasy to find the number , type, and date of complaints against the building's management.

Tech stack: Google Chrome & Chrome API, Socrata Open Data API, Vanilla JS

HackStreet Market

Hack Street Market is a mock e-commerce site, built in one week, that incorporates both user and guest cart modes for purchasing boutique sauces from around the world. Both guests and users are able to add items to their cart and purchase them for order.

Tech stack: React.js, Redux, Stripe API, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, PostgresQL